The main interface of MiniTool System Booster is simple and user-friendly. Explore this guide to familiarize with the clear and intuitive main interface of MiniTool System Booster.

Main Interface of MiniTool System Booster

MiniTool System Booster’s main interface contains 3 parts: the top menu bar, the left dashboard, and the right Performance Home panel.

main interface of MiniTool System Booster

Here is MiniTool System Booster main interface introduction:

Top Menu Bar 
1 – Production InformationEnter or view the current product license and expiration dates.
2 – HelpThis expandable menu comprises five sections, namely:
Get Help Online, Super Control Panel, What’s New, Contact Us, and Check for updates.
Left Dashboard 
3 – PerformanceSupply quick access to ActiveCare, Deepclean, Toolbox, and LiveBoost.
4 – SettingsCustomize system options and the frequency of System Booster’s updates and tasks.
5 – License Remaining DaysDisplays the remaining days on the license.
Right Performance Home Interface 
6 – Performance HomeRun ActiveCare and switch between different features.
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