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All-in-one system management and optimization software that boosts your computer to get better performance: faster, cleaner, and safer.

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  • 1 license for 10 PCs in the same household.
  • Real-time scanning to protect your computer.
  • Detect and remove harmful programs on your device.
  • Completely delete malicious files from being recovered.
  • Find and end memory-intensive background processes.
  • Find and stop unnecessary services from starting on the system boot.

Sales FAQ

  • Which payment methods do you support?

    We accept different payment methods on different payment platforms. To be specific: At, we accept PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, and DISCOVER. See below:


  • What is your shipping method?

    We deliver products electronically. After a successful purchase, we will send you a confirmation email that contains a download link and license key.
  • How long will it take to get the download link and license key?

    After a successful purchase, we will send you a confirmation email in a few minutes, which contains the download link and license key.
  • Can I get an invoice?

    Certainly. After the payment is successfully processed, an invoice will be promptly dispatched to the email address associated with your order.

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