MiniTool System Booster Upgrade History

MiniTool System Booster keeps updating to give users and their families the best digital privacy protection.

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Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11

upgrade history


V2.0.2.0 (Sep. 19, 2023)Latest Upgrade!

  • Added the ActiveCare feature to ensure the computer’s peak performance.
  • Added useful clean-up tasks to the Deepclean feature to help clear unnecessary clutter from the computer.
    • NetBooster: optimize and unleash hidden internet speed for faster browsing and downloads.
    • Internet Cleanup: delete internet junk files, browsing data, and more.
    • Windows Cleanup: remove Windows junk files, broken shortcuts, and more.
    • Registry Cleanup: clean up and repair registry issues.
    • Security Optimizer: fix Windows security items.
    • Program Accelerator: boost file access speed and increase drive efficiency by re-aligning program data and defragmenting files on hard drives and SSDs.
    • Memory Mechanic: release RAM by closing old memory-intensive tasks.
  • Added file and system management tools to the Toolbox:
    • Advanced Uninstaller: remove installed programs easily.
    • Bootable USB: create a bootable USB drive to completely wipe a PC.
    • Search & Recover: recover deleted files on a PC.
    • Drive Scrubber: wipe all data from a drive.
    • Incinerator Extension: remove and destroy deleted files.
    • Process Scanner: find memory-intensive background tasks.
    • Startup Optimizer: reduce Windows startup time.
    • Network Scanner: view external devices and connections.
    • Deceptive Programs: find and remove harmful software.
  • Added the LiveBoost feature to optimize the distribution of processing power, ensuring users achieve optimal performance, especially when running memory-intensive applications.
    • OptiCore: enhance program performance by prioritizing CPU power for the program being currently used.
    • RAMJet: make RAM available by clearing out old caches when more RAM is needed.
    • AcceleWrite: increase system performance by minimizing random data writes to hard drives and SSDs.
    • PowerSense: optimize electricity consumption based on a selected PowerSense mode.