Why is my Internet so slow? A slow Internet connection can trigger many other unexpected issues, hassling users a lot. You need to know why that happened so that you can dig out the accompanied troubleshooting methods. This post will help you figure out the potential reasons. Let’s start it!

Why Is My Internet So Slow?

1. The Internet plan you choose is too slow. The plan may shoulder much more data usage than it can do. If your bandwidth usage is larger than the specific amount of bandwidth the plan offers, you need to upgrade it to avoid traffic jams.

2. Your home network is congested. Your network may be shared by some other people or devices, which can make a slow Internet connection. You need to prune your Internet connections and stagger bandwidth-hogging activities.

3. You have a weak Wi-Fi signal. Your Wi-Fi signal can be affected by many factors, including where you place the router and the distance between the router and receptors.

Any physical obstructions can be the major culprit slowing down your Internet, such as walls, heavy doors or windows, large containers of water, and large metal appliances.

Sometimes, even microwaves can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal and you need to reduce interference from other electronics.

4. Your modem or router is going through some glitches. To fix the router bugs and glitches, the best method is to restart your router. Apart from that, you can check and update your modem firmware. This is key to making sure this essential piece of equipment is free of bugs and running optimally.

5. Your provider’s network is congested. The possibility is that your Internet provider is facing network congestion on a large scale, which is out of control. To reduce traffic for the network, your Internet provider may throttle internet speeds in your area.

6. Your device goes wrong with some unexpected issues. If you find your other devices can work well with the network but only one device does not, you can check this device for some potential errors.

Why Is My Internet So Slow? Advice for Your Slow Internet
Why Is My Internet So Slow? Advice for Your Slow Internet

Many people will go through a slow Internet connection but why does that happen? We will list some reasons here.

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Use MiniTool System Booster

Now, the above explanations may have answered this question “Why is my Internet so slow?”. Then, we would like to recommend an excellent third-party program – MiniTool System Booster – to fix a slow Internet connection.

This program boasts many useful features that you can use to maximize the speed of your computer and improve the overall performance. Apart from that, many tools are designed to meet your other daily demands, such as program uninstaller, file recovery, drive scrubber, etc.

If you run into a slow Internet connection issue, MiniTool System Booster can be your professional assistant for troubleshooting. The Deepclean feature can run NetBooster to increase Spec and stability.

To try this program, you can click this button to download and install the program. A 15-day free trial version is available for you.

MiniTool System Booster TrialClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 1: Launch the program and expand the top menu to choose Deepclean.

Step 2: On this page, you can see the tasks the feature is going to perform and click START CLEAN to start it.


Step 3: Then it will start scanning. If your network works well, the result will show you a green icon, and after a while, it will automatically jump to the next task for scanning.

no Internet issues are detected

If Deepclean finds some network issues, it will tell you “Your internet settings need optimizing” and you can click OPTIMIZE NOW to repair it.


When the repair finishes, you will be prompted to the next task – Internet Cleanup. If you don’t want that, you can click Cancel to exit when the scan ends.

There is another feature that you can check if your bandwidth is wasted by other unknown devices – Network Scanner. Once the results are listed, you can check for that and close the ones that you don’t need.

Step 1: Expand the top menu to choose Toolbox and click Network Scanner.

click Network Scanner

Step 2: Click Scan now to check the network and after a while, it will show you the result.

click Scan now

Additional Advice for Fix “My Internet Is Slow”

There are some tricks and tips for inflicted users if you are overwhelmed by the slow Internet connection.

Tip 1: Check your device for viruses or malware. Antivirus protection is necessary for a good Internet performance and any disguised cyber-attacks can slow down the speed.

Tip 2: Update your browser and clear your cache regularly. If you find your browser is stuck on the loading page, you can consider if piled caches slow down the performance.

Tip 3: Close some useless background running apps. You may open multiple programs or tabs at the same time, which can consume large amounts of resources and cause a slow Internet issue.

Tip 4: Lower your screen resolution so that you can save more bandwidth and guard against a slow internet connection.

Tip 5: Resort to some facilities to enhance the network, such as an Ethernet cable, a Wi-Fi extender, or a Wi-Fi repeater.

Tip 6: Change your bandwidth limits. For computer or laptop users, you can customize the settings to configure the bandwidth usage and limit.

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Bottom Line:

Why is my Internet so slow? The above contents may have resolved your question. Slow Internet connection is a common issue that confuses people. The triggers can be varied, and so does the solutions. But MiniTool System Booster can help fix your Internet issues. Come to try it!

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